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Terms of Use

General Terms & Conditions

The access to and use of this website are subject to the following terms and conditions. If the User does not accept these terms and conditions, the User must refrain from using this website.

This website has been developed and is administered by HELM AG as parent company for HELM Polska Sp. z o.o (later referred to as HELM).

HELM AG reserves the right to cease managing this website and to introduce general or partial changes in this website. Please remember that we may introduce such changes at our own discretion and without prior notification. As a result, during the Users’ next visit to this website, they should read the terms and conditions again and become familiarized with the potential changes or amendments.

Terms & Conditions of using information

Any and all the detailed information, documents and illustrations published in this website constitute the sole property of HELM. The permit for using them may be granted on the following conditions: all the copies will bear the suitable information on copyrights, the information will only be used for personal purposes, it will not be used for commercial purposes, the detailed information will not be amended in any manner, and the illustrations downloaded from this website will be used only together with the texts accompanying them.


Any and all the product names in this website written in capitals, or labelled in another manner, constitute the trademarks of HELM, its subsidiaries, branch offices, licensors or joint venture partners. The use of this website does not grant the Users any rights, titles, licenses (explicit or implicit) to any patent, trademark, service mark, copyright, trade secret or to any other intellectual property right that belongs to HELM. It is explicitly prohibited to introduce any changes in the contents of the website or in the website itself. It is also prohibited to use this website in any manner that might result in deterioration of its contents or of its visibility to other Users. HELM possesses and retains the exclusive possession right to the Website, its name and marks, and to all the intellectual property, ownership rights and documentation in the Website, and you acknowledge that the above constitute valuable assets and may constitute the trade secrets of HELM. All the trademarks, service marks, company clothing, names of products, names of companies and images in the website, constitute the property of HELM, whether they have been registered or not. Apart from compliance with all the applicable provisions, the User expresses its consent not to use any such trademarks, service marks, company clothing or other images from this website, without the prior written consent of HELM. Any cases of use without permission or abuse of those trademarks or other materials are prohibited and constitute a violation of copyrights, legal provisions on trademarks or other legal provisions related to industrial property.

Limited Liability

HELM has developed the information published on this website on the basis of internal and external sources, based on its knowledge and with due diligence. This website is for informative purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or an offer to purchase or a recommendation to use any services or strategies. The purpose of this website is to disseminate general information on the services provided by HELM. The information in this website serves only to present HELM and/or its products. HELM undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information in the website up-to-date. However, HELM may change the contents of the website without notification. HELM does not make any declarations or guarantees concerning the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information in the website. The Users of this website declare that they agree to use it, and to use the contents contained in it, at their own risk. Neither HELM nor any third parties that participate in developing, creating or making this website available, may be held liable for the damage or injuries resulting from access to the website or lack thereof, or from the possibility to use this website or lack thereof.

Third party websites / links

This website contains links to other online websites that belong to, or are managed by, our business partners as well as other third parties. While making the links to such websites available, HELM does not provide approval of their contents. Moreover, HELM is not liable for the availability or contents of those websites, or for the damage resulting from any kind of use of those contents. The use by the Users of each of those websites is subject to the potential terms and conditions published on them. HELM does not control the third party websites and we are not liable for any changes introduced in them, or for their contents. The links to other websites are made available to website users only for facilitation purposes. The users make use of those websites at their own risk. The fact that HELM publishes any contents on the website, does not constitute a recommendation of the material or link or the companies that possess or manage the materials or the linked websites.

Changes and interruptions in provision of services

HELM reserves the right to change the website or to cease publishing it, whether with notification to the user or not. HELM will not be liable to the User or any third party if HELM exercises its right to change the website or to cease publishing it. HELM does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or safe access to our website, because the operation of our website may be disrupted by various factors and circumstances outside our control or by incidents of force majeure.

Last update: 13 November 2018